If you’re planning to purchase an additional mattress, the most difficult thing you have to decide on is where to begin. Do you shop in stores or browse on the internet? Do you prefer budget-friendly choices or settle for a more expensive model? What’s the most suitable shape, size, appearance, and design? There are a lot of options to think about, especially if you’re buying a mattress for the first time.

In this guidebook, I will guide you on how to pick the right mattress to suit your needs. We’ll discuss different kinds of mattresses, how to find the best feel for you, and more!more! In the end, I’m certain you’ll be able to locate the mattress that you’ve been looking for.

What do you think about this plan? Let’s get started!

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When choosing a mattress, what should you consider?

The most crucial thing is to ensure that your spine remains straight when lying down. Your sleeping position, the type of body, and your individual preferences regarding the feel and the materials all contribute to determining the mattress that is most suitable to your specific needs. Also, you should consider costs, convenience, longevity as well as any sleep issues such as whether you’re a hot sleeper or suffer from back pain or awakened by your sleep partner. We’ll discuss these subjects (and other things!) to help you decide.

Mattress Types

You will find a wide choice of firmness levels as well as prices for the majority of materials available on the market. Innerspring and memory foam beds are among the most sought-after however it all comes down to individual preference. Here’s how you can choose your type of mattress:




These mattresses are like memory foam however, latex is made of rubber trees and is utilized to make natural mattresses. The cost of latex is higher than memory foam and is more durable, so you can anticipate it to bounce with less sinking in feel.

There are two kinds of latex that you’ll see when you shop: Dunlop, which is typically denser than Talalay, and Talalay that may be softer. In real life, you might not notice the difference between these two.

Memory foam

Mattresses made of memory foam provide the most effective pressure relief as they adjust to your body, and remove pressure points that are heavy. Users describe lying on foam mattresses as having the sensation as if they’re being held. They’re especially suitable for people who sleep sideways or who suffer from back pain as they assist in maintaining the proper alignment of your spine by placing less pressure on your hips and shoulders. They also assist with motion isolation, meaning it is less likely that you feel the movement of your sleep partner move.

There are often several layers of foam with firmer on the bottom for strength and support, and soft foam on top to provide comfort. The downside of the memory foam type is that it could trap heat more easily, however, some brands have integrated cooling options to avoid overheating.



The beds are constructed of steel coils, which makes them more firm and offers more bounce. They are a favorite for the majority of buyers, especially when compared to mattress boxes that have been popular in recent times. They are more suitable for stomach and back sleepers who appreciate an extra firm surface to maintain the spine in alignment.

Consider both the gauge and the number of coils when shopping. The coil gauge will tell you the thickness of the steel. It typically can range from 12 to 15, and a smaller number indicates it’s more robust and robust. The coil count will tell you the number of coils within the mattress. A good mattress will contain at the very least 400 coils for the Queen size. It is also possible to think about pocketed coils, which means that each spring is wrapped individually (instead of being webbed together) to give you targeted support.


Hybrid mattresses utilize a mixture of memory foam, latex, and coils. This means it’s not necessary to select only one. Coils are placed on the bottom of the mattress to support, and foam is placed on top to provide pressure relief. A lot of hybrids available (especially from bed-in-a-box brand names — will feel like foam beds when you lay down. But be aware that they’re likely to cost more and take longer to put up than their all-foam versions.


Although they’re not as common, adjustable beds come with air chambers that allow you to adjust the mattress’s firmness. They’re especially useful for couples who have diverse preferences. They’re costly, but customers consistently say that their purchase was worth the cost due to the excellent sleep they get.


Things to consider when choosing the right mattress



To test a mattress at a shop lay down and sit on it as you would at home.

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When you’re at the shop or testing an online mattress take a look at the comfort of the mattress by asking yourself these questions. (If you can answer “yes” to any of them, it’s high that the mattress the one you’re sleeping in is actually comfy.)

Are you able to feel it as firm or as soft as you’d prefer?

Even if you believe you have a firmness level you’re after it is recommended to keep an open mind while trying an array. A mattress’ firmness, as well as its softness, can only be determined by lying on it. Like clothing sizes in mattresses, there aren’t any standardizations for medium, soft, or firm among brands. When we tested our mattresses two of our staff members who had for a long time claimed to be medium-firm mattresses people discovered they preferred mattresses that were labeled medium. When browsing the internet as well as reading review articles, bear in mind that the word “firm” often refers to different things to individuals. For instance, even though numerous reviews of users mention the Casper Original as being forgiving, you will find people who think it’s “too hard” or “just.” When looking at a retail store for a particular brand that you prefer, you can try the firmest version first, and then gradually softer until you get to the to which you are comfortable.

Does it support or cradle your body in the way you’d like it too?

If you prefer the idea of a mattress that conforms to your body shape, you’ll likely prefer a memory foam mattress or a hybrid with foam. If you’d like to feel more firmly held (as opposed to being wrapped) by your mattress, opt for an innerspring. They can be very soft with pillows or a Euro top but allow for more mobility. Some innerspring mattresses contain only enough foam in their upper layers to offer to cushion, but not dampen the effects of the coils excessively. Mattresses made out of latex–a more springy type of foam created from the rubber sap tree – can feel like a mix of a memory foam mattress and one made of innerspring.

If you enjoy bouncing on your mattress Is it the right quantity and of the correct kind?

We all have slept in an inflatable mattress, and so we’re taught to love beds that have more bounce (or we’d like to have more). There’s more bounce naturally in innerspring mattresses and hybrids with an innerspring forward design. However, memory foam that has latex layers or a mattress made of all latex will counteract the sunk-in feel as well, thanks to an elastic, springy feel that some prefer to innerspring bounce. Latex and coils may feel more comfortable when you move around a lot while you’re sleeping or getting up and down in bed, in a group or on your own.

Can it help keep you warm or cool enough?

If you are prone to sleeping hot it is best to avoid foam mattresses. They are known for storing heat. In addition, they are more comfortable because body heat is transferred across the coils’ spaces and then disperses to the space. If you’re a sleeper who is hot however you like the comfort of foam, you should look for innerspring that are foam hybrids or which are quilted using a foam topper. A lot of foam mattresses feature the use of materials that allow for different levels of heat transfer, for instance, foam that incorporates air channels, copper, gel graphite, or copper infusions. However, be aware that they typically cost more, and they don’t be suitable for all and the benefits may be very minimal. Mattresses made of latex are cooler and are more springy than mattresses made of memory foam.


Good edge support will ensure that you’ve got a solid surface to sit on, without having to worry about sliding across the mattress.

Does the edge have enough strength to withstand the demands of your use?

If you love to lie at an edge in your mattress, then you’ll most likely require a mattress with specialized edge support. Innerspring mattresses are usually constructed using an encasement made of high-density polyurethane or more rigid coils around the edges. While some people like the foam encasement, it may soften over time. If you are prone to sitting in the corner of your bed often it is advisable to think about a mattress that has stronger coils at the edges and will likely prove more sturdy. The edge support of mattresses that is foam-forward hybrids and foam mattresses usually depends on the thickness of the foam that is in those support layers. Therefore, you shouldn’t be assuming that an item will offer excellent edge support without testing it for yourself. Both Temper-Adapt as well as the Leesa Hybrid, two of the top picks included in the guide on the top hybrid mattresses are made of foams that weigh at a minimum of 4-pounds per cubic foot, and therefore provide strong edge support.

Can you and your spouse both rest on it?

If you’re sleeping with a friend, but your preferences are different, for instance, you like firmness, but your partner prefers something more luxurious, you’ll need to find an acceptable compromise. Try to find the most comfortable for your partner with musculoskeletal problems (such as back pain) according to the Cleveland Clinic’s Santhosh Tomas. When neither is experiencing any issues on this front it’s possible to opt for a firmer mattress and (for a bed that’s king-sized) try to make one side more comfortable with a twin-sized top mattress.

If you are unable to find a mattress that is suitable for both of you there are a number of alternatives. Air beds that can be adjusted like Sleep Number’s Sleep Number allow couples to fill the mattress to any level of firmness they like. Certain bedding stores with direct connections to factories provide this type of mattress as well as foam and innerspring mattresses.

Additionally, if you awake each when your partner falls over, or your children (or pets) sleep with you, you’ll need to choose mattresses that have good motion dissipation. Foam mattresses of all budgets tend to reduce the feeling of motion, but you will also find this type of mattress in higher-end hybrid and innerspring mattresses. Mattresses that have pockets coils (which are wrapped in fabric, rather than connected as one unit) offer the most effective motion simplification (they’re also more effective in the ability to contour and provide pressure relief over other spring types).

Does it appear and feel good?

At first glance, all mattresses appear very identical (just an un-covered fabric box!). Once you’ve identified what you want to look for you can narrow your search to mattresses that will last longer than other models. The mattress should be lifted and moved around to ensure it’s not flimsy and fragile. Check the mattress cover, and make sure it’s stitched and is solid. If you’re using a hybrid or foam mattress, inquire about the foam density, particularly for the highest layers. An adult who weighs under 200lbs is advised to look for at least 3 pounds for every cubic inch of thickness when buying a memory foam mattress. Those who weigh over 200 pounds should be satisfied by ensuring that they have a minimum of 4 pounds per cubic foot.


If you’re looking to test mattresses that are made up of polyfoam with no memory and have a weight of fewer than 200 pounds then you’re better off choosing a mattress with a density of at minimum 1.8 tons per cubic foot (such as the Tuft and Needle Original). If you’re moreover 200 pounds you’re better off choosing more dense foam options that fall that are two pounds for each cubic feet or greater (for instance the top layer in the Tempur-Adapt is a dense foam that is 2 1/2 pounds for each cubic foot). If a manufacturer doesn’t offer details on the density of its foam on its website you can inquire via a customer support rep on the internet or a knowledgeable employee at the retail store. If you’re looking to build a lasting impression you should look for brands that are honest about their materials.If your mattress is spring-loaded inquire about the type and gauge. Pocket coils are the best choice for motion-separation and curvature-conforming comfort. Support coils (those located in the lower layers in the middle of the mattress) are usually more durable when they’re between 12 to 15 gauge or less. The more narrow your gauge is the greater the thickness of the coil, and the more firm the feeling, although you might find (and prefer) slightly more gauges in mattresses that are soft. A mattress that has many support coils is generally stronger than one that has similar quality coils, but fewer of them. (This is why a mattress is considered a budget option such as that of the IKEA Hesstun, which usually has less than 50% fewer coils than the ones we consider to upgrade choices.) In the case of cheaper innerspring, they can achieve the same firmness, but not making use of more dense coils, but rather using other techniques like placing coils closer close.

What is the risk of body impressions from the body?

Every mattress type is susceptible to body impressions (imprints in the places you regularly sleep on). For hybrid mattresses and foam the more affordable and less dense the foam and the greater your weight more likely you are to be at risk of developing depressions over the course of time. In the case of innerspring mattresses, the heavier the mattress and/or Euro high, the greater the chance of imprints. It’s not easy to completely eliminate body impressions if you’re looking for a soft and comfortable mattress, however, you can limit the effects by rotating your mattress at least once every six months and changing the position you lie on it. Quilting the surface of your mattress will aid in making indentations appear less obvious as do the coils of steel that are found in innerspring mattresses can provide extra support to stop sliding, even though body impressions will develop in time. Mattress makers have informed us that it’s difficult to quilt thick polyfoams (most we found were around 1.7 grams per cubic inch).

As compared to memory foam latex-only mattresses (such as our top latex choice or Zenhaven) Zenhaven), as well as innerspring with a layer of Latex (like those in the Charles P. Rogers Estate SE among our top innerspring choices), are more resilient to sagging and body impressions regardless of the user’s weight. While great components can’t guarantee that the mattress will last all the time (it’s dependent on how the elements are assembled) However, they’ll reduce the possibility of disappointment over the long haul.

What is the policy for return?

Most mattresses on the internet offer a trial of 100 days or more in the event that you purchase directly from the business. It’s possible to test a mattress for a period of 30 days prior to when you are able to make a return, however. Third-party retailers, like Amazon department stores, as well as mattress stores may have their own regulations depending on whether you purchased the mattress online or from brick-and-mortar stores.

Do you think this is a real deal?

This is a crucial problem that is especially relevant to mattresses sold by third-party retailers. This is because manufacturers offer an estimated selling price (SRP) on the mattresses, however, the final price of sale is the responsibility of the retailer. Retailers may mark up prices above the SRP in order that they can cut it down, and claim to offer the lowest price. Go to the manufacturer’s site or the site of the brand to find the SRP of the mattress prior to purchasing and then use it to check if the retailer is offering a fair bargain.

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